About Mile One PressAbout Mile One Press

About Mile One Press

Helping students and commercial drivers study to pass CDL Exams and receive CDL Permits and Endorsements.

About Mile One Press

Helping students and commercial drivers study to pass CDL Exams and receive CDL Permits and Endorsements.

Our Mission

To provide above industry-standard resources to help aspiring and professional commercial drivers take their first or next step in advancing their commercial driving careers.

Everything starts with you

We are obsessed with helping our customers improve their CDL pass rates. We know how a CDL certification or endorsement can transform your future. It did ours. So, we never stop working to improve our resources to ensure you can make your mark in this lucrative, in-demand career path.

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CDL prep starts here. Serving companies, trainers, and
students, we design study materials and resources to
power improved CDL passes. While we can’t guarantee a
pass, we know our resources significantly boost your
chances when used the right way.

CDL Study Guides

Advancing Commercial Driving Careers

The commercial driver industry is fast-growing yet continuously faced with a shortage of certified CDL drivers.
Certification starts with passing the CDL written exam and that’s where many fall short. We aim to change that trend. We also aim to enhance the learning experience of new commercial drivers and improve their driving capabilities.
The beginning of a new career path in the transportation
industry starts with the CDL test. We’re here to help you or your students over that speed bump and onto the next

Our Philosophy

Providing resources and teaching students to improve outcomes.


Operating at the highest
standards and adhering to
our principles.


Helping others to successfully move in the direction of their dreams


Continuous improvement for the best online CDL study platform.

Our Story

Mile One Press was established in 2020 by Marc Frazier.

While cleaning out his attic, Marc came across the study notes and guides he made during driving school and preparing for his first CDL exam over 15 years ago. He knew these notes were the reason he passed – the 1-week classroom sessions just weren’t enough.

Knowing how notes like these could help fellow truckers or commercial drivers, he decided to revise and update his study notes based on current requirements. Marc also looked at ways to design online training and study resources that could make a difference in users’ ability to pass their tests.

Today, Mile One Press is a team dedicated to CDL educational needs within the transportation industry. We aim to help:

  • aspiring commercial drivers study get their permits and make their first mile, and
  • professional drivers get the necessary endorsements to advance in their careers.

We’re here to help you make it to the first mile after receiving a permit and driving a commercial vehicle for the first time

– Mile One Press.